Blooming Flowers!

This is not a trend right now, but you can be bold enough to make it a trend! Yes flowers on dresses! Who doesn’t love the romantic, fairytale feeling of little concrete flowers in full form!
I am not talking about the floral prints, I am talking about concrete handmade flowers with definite shape and form perking up your dress with enchanting aura. You’ll get my point, if you have seen the spring/summer collection by Sheep endorsed by hottie Ayyan.
The little crocheted flowers on simple dresses sizzle up the outfit with the delicate aura of ethereal romance that is just irresistible. In international fashion market, these real flowers are so ‘in’ on cocktail dresses that they double their charm. Crocheted flowers are available in lace shops in white color. You can get them died in your favorite color.
You can make flowers with silk ribbons, organza, and with different embroideries to double the charm of your simple shirt. Apart from that, there are so many flower lace found in market these days that you can use on your neckline and waistline to create mesmerizing dresses.
In addition to that, what you can do is go to some accessories shop, and look for accessories with flowers. There are so many clips and hair bands found in market these days which have flowers on them. You can simply use those on to create a perfect little dress.
Here are some special tips to blush in flower charm with ultimate style:
  • Keep the entire outfit as simple as possible, and perk it up with flowers so that they remain the highlight. 
  • If you are using a big flower, it’s good to use only one. However, if you have little flowers you can use them in clusters together.
  • Always use them on necklines, shoulders or on one side of the waist belt
  • Accessorize your flower dress with flower clips or flower bands to create a perfect flower girl look.
And here you go, perfectly ready to bloom in the mesmerizing charm of your flower dress. Try this at university or any casual friends’ party or even in office, and I bet it will turn out to be the hottest trend in coming months. ;)


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