How to Treat Toe Nail Fungus

Our body needs a lot of attention and it is necessary for us to take care of each and everything of our body. From big to little things, it is important to take good care of yourself and stay healthy. However, sometimes our body parts get affected by certain viruses, bacteria and fungi which can later on turn into a disease. It is highly important for us to prevent ourselves from such diseases and get ourselves treated as soon as possible.
One such thing is the toe nail fungus which is quite a common problem in men and women both. The toe nail fungus destroys the toe nail completely and also discolors it. In some cases, nail fungus causes pain. The main cause for toe nail fungus is the special type of fungi that grow on moist areas of your body especially the toe nail.
Nail fungus can occur if the feet are not properly dried after washing them or by wearing shoes that do not let air pass through them. The nail fungus is more common in adults as compared to children. Women who apply nail polish more often and do not take it off also get toe nail fungus. The toe nail fungus is contagious as it can easily spread from one person who has it to the other.
It is wrong to say that the toe nail fungus is not curable. Nail fungus is absolutely curable if proper care is taken. If signs of toe nail fungus start to appear, start wearing open and airy shoes like flip flops and sandals and completely avoid wearing closed shoes. Avoid wearing socks for sometime as sweat causes more fungus to grow. Keep your feet dry at all times because moisture is the main reason behind toe nail fungus.
In case of severe pain, consult a dermatologist as soon as you can. Don’t apply creams and lotions on the affected area as they make it grow worse. If you already have toe nail fungus and have to clip your nails, do it very carefully as the nail is at its weakest stage. The nail might crumble and cause severe pain. Keep your nail cutter separate from others as nail fungus can spread through that easily. It is also good to use foot powders as they help the feet to stay dry.
If you have to wear fitted, closed shoes, put them aside to dry them so that there is no moisture left in them. Often, vinegar and olive oil are considered to be the remedies for toe nail fungus. At early stages, use both of these and soak your feet in water.
Follow the above mentioned simple steps and get rid of your toe nail fungus. Stay clean, stay fresh!


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