Keep your Skin Healthy in Monsoons

Summer is the appropriate time to let you enjoy the outdoor activities you are most fond of. Regardless of this, there comes a time when skin is affected and a consequence of this outdoor activity is the direct effect on your skin.
Thus, if your skin is damaged in summers or monsoons, it can cause premature aging of your skin, cause wrinkles under the eyes, creates marks, and makes the skin go dry or might even cause skin cancer in the later stage of life. Therefore, take immense care of your skin in the summers with our few useful tips while you make it breathe in the heat or just soak in the heavy monsoons of the summers even if for a little while.
There are many people who are a bit careless when it comes to their skin care. You should note that it is inexpensive to maintain it whether it is summer or monsoons. Just a slight effort and some time is required to do this job. The foremost important thing is to understand what impact summers can have on your skin type. The ultraviolet rays of the summer penetrate deep in your skin and cause early aging.
Thus, these damaging rays need to be taken care of by using just the appropriate sunscreen. Sun blocks can damage your skin and to avoid any skin diseases, an early research on the suitable sunscreen comes in handy. For instance, some people prefer mineral sun blocks over chemical sun blocks. So, this method is a good approach and guide to begin with your skin care in summers and monsoons but it is not a foolproof method. Other approaches need to be considered as well.
It is best to stay indoors between ten in the morning till three in the afternoon as these are the peak hours when sun rays can damage your skin. In case you have to go out and continue with your routine work then it often advised to go for protective clothes which have a lightweight fabric that is comfortable.
Other times, facial skin can be best protected in monsoons by wearing a hat or even sunglasses to protect your eyes.
Besides the outer skin care guide, you should drink plenty of water to make it look fresh. Take meat, vegetables and fibre too. Weekly you can moisturize your skin with a homemade mask made out of avocado and honey and then exfoliate to clean the dirt-filled pours. Lastly, realize that skin care is essential in the early stage of life before it gets too late.


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