Maybellines Mineral Power

Miner power by Maybelline is a cosmetic range which was worth the wait. It is out of this world.
In a postponed entry into the mineral makeup market, Maybelline’s “Mineral Power” makeup line has at last arrived.
But one wonders if Maybelline’s cold-filtered, triple-refined minerals were worth the wait?
Does the powder foundation of Maybelline deliver on its promises of a “natural luminous finish” and “healthy refined coverage”? The answer to both these questions is yes.
 What many like about Maybelline Mineral power cosmetics:
  • Superb Value and a Brush That Actually Works!
  • Excellent Range of Shades for Maybelline. With its remarkable range of 12 shades, Maybelline Mineral Power cosmetics now boast the best shade-range available from any drugstore mineral makeup brand.
  • Fresh Finish & Buildable Coverage. Many were overwhelmed with its radiant finish and natural-looking color that can be layered on for light to medium coverage.
The fresh-looking finish has a very slight gleam, which almost certainly won’t be problematic for anyone except those who prefer a more matte finish…or have very oily skin.


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