Remove Love bite bruises instantly!

Love seems incomplete without love bites and love bites can be pretty embarrassing and risky, because a hickey or love bite bruise, takes at least a week to fade away but that hickey week can be really dangerous, especially if you are living with your parents, if you know what I mean ;) but worry not for we have some amazing skin care tips to remove hickey within a day or two!
Love bites are usually given on neck. Kissing, sucking or biting the skin forcefully enough burst the sensitive blood vessels beneath the skin, which causes bruise or hickey. Read on to know simple skin care tips to remove your hickey instantly:
The magic of Ice
Ice can be really efficient, when applied to the hickey soon after the love bite. Ice will help to reduce and control the color and swelling but do not keep the ice on your body for any longer than twenty minutes and do not apply it directly, wrap it in some cloth and then apply it to the hickey.
Brush it out
Another way to get rid of your hickey is with a toothbrush. Take a soft toothbrush and slowly and methodically brush the hickey in circular motion from the innermost part to the outermost part of the bruise. Brushing the hickey helps to start up circulation again and it will speed up your healing process. Do it from time to time until your hickey is all gone.
Scratching method
This is a bit painful, but it will turn your hickey into a scratch bruise, that will surely save you from the pain of being embarrassed in front of your parents or friends. For this method, hold the skin taut and by using the edge of a penny, slowly scrape it across the hickey. Use the coin as if the bruise on the skin was butter on toast that needed to be spread outward. But you must press with greater force but do not get to hard that you break the skin or cause bleeding. This method will result into redness, but your bruise will look less like a hickey and more like a scratch that will go much faster than the hickey.
Cold Spoon
Put a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes. Apply pressure and slide the spoon along the hickey. The pressure and coldness help disperse the blood that has formed. You will need to repeat freezing, if the spoon starts getting warm it does not work. You will also need to use quite a bit of pressure with the spoon but you will see results over a few minutes of doing this
Makeup magic!
By doing the above mentioned hickey removing methods, your hickey will still take a day or two to completely fade away. In the meantime, you can use your makeup skills to conceal your hickey. Apply concealer or skin-colored eye shade to the bruise, wear turtle neck or scarf or wear your hair down to ensure your love secret.
With these simple tips, you can save yourself from the risk of being caught by your parents or may be elder brother. However, in a desperate attempt to remove your hickey, do not apply much pressure to the hickey that can leave a longer lasting bruise. These bruises often have a greenish cast and are more humiliating than hickeys. So be patient and be smart :) Enjoy


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