Enhance your beauty with summer makeup!!

makeup in summer gives you the right opportunity to give a different touch to your face from the daily makeup. Of course, summer makeup demands for a few specialized products that need to be used in daily makeup to keep it fresh and long lasting. Hence, all  girls and women fond of makeup should try a crazier, bronzer and a glowing look this summer.
Oil-free SPF:
The first product which every woman should get hold of in summers is an oil-free SPF which gives excellent result in humid weather. It is because foundation proves to be a bit heavy for daily summer makeup. Therefore, oil free, SPF tinted moisturizer goes best in summers to begin with. You can conveniently hide the blemishes and dark circles under your eyes in summers with a light weight formula concealer. A light powder can be swept all around the face. This daily summer makeup tip allows you to neatly blend the concealer and moisturizer so that that the thin veil of powder on the face doesn’t let the moisturizer and concealer slip and side.
Use a bronzer:
Daily summer makeup can be enhanced by using a Bronzer. Pakistan’s weather doesn’t allow anyone to bronze in day time. Thus, at night parties, a bronzer with a slight shimmer can be sprinkled on the cheeks and temples bringing up to the forehead.  Further this makeup product can be applied to the nose, chin and finally the neck to give it an even look.
Eyes makeup:
Summer is the time to prime your eyes and make yourself look confident by doing the right makeup. Therefore, take a matte white pencil and apply this first to the inner corners of the eye to make it look prominent. A bronze-golden shimmery colour or even matte brown is suitable in summer for eye makeup.  Without good mascara, eye makeup is not complete. It gives the final finishing look to the eyes. Teal eyeliner looks best when applied to the lower lash line. High quality mascara is one which is lengthening, thickening and is at least waterproof. Thus, summer makeup includes good quality mascara.
Lip gloss:
Finally, daily summer makeup is completed with a lip gloss or vivid lipsticks that don’t need re-application. A pink or peach coloured lip gloss looks superb in bright summers. Finally, make sure that the makeup products that you buy are oil free so that the skin doesn’t secrete oils after application in summers.


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