Nourish your nails with a professional manicure tips

From a busy schedule in life, every woman deserves a soothing manicure at home. Women can do manicure simply by following a few useful manicure tips and evade paying those costly spa bills and experience the joy of an expert manicure at home. Just give it a try by sitting in your room and have the benefit of the same relaxing experience of a manicure.
Create a spa atmosphere:
To begin with, create a spa atmosphere by putting a few candles all over your bathroom.  Peaceful background music along with a comfortable bathrobe and flip-flops would help create that effect. Now, you can remove the old nail polish by applying nail polish remover on a cotton ball. A manicure tip could be to place the moistened cotton ball over the nail for almost five minutes before wiping it off. Now, a nail clipper would be handy in cutting the nails. Then file the nails neatly in one direction to avoid spoiling them. Often, buffing could be done to give nails a final finishing.
Usage of water:
Manicure requires a lot of usage of water to soak and soften the hands. This will remove all the dirt. thats the best way, Dry the hands and use a hand moisturizer to further soften the nails. Now, the next step in this manicure requires the pushing of cuticles back. A suggestive tip is to use a cuticle stick to softly push the cuticles back with that stick. Apply the base coat on the nails which serve the purpose of shielding the nails from the chemicals used in the polish. To avoid the weakening of the nails and form turning them into yellow this base is applied.
Apply nail polish:
Now, the final beautifying step of this manicure has reached. Choose your favourite coloured nail polish. Shake well before opening the bottle. A stroke in the middle of the nail and two strokes on the sides will be good enough. Leave it to dry for a while and then apply the second coat on the nails. Applying of the top coat helps prevent the chipping of nails but that depends on which nail type you belong to. Nevertheless, it will quickly dry the nail polish, hence part of the manicure done at home. Let them dry for about fifteen minutes before enjoying the new look.
Consume vitamins:
A last note on manicure tips will be useful when performing it at home. You can reapply the top coat daily to last the manicure longer. Intake of adequate amounts of vitamins will strengthen the nails. Thin coats are better and that is possible when nail polishes are stored in cool places and that too OPI nail polishes. Thus, apply a nail moisturizer at night to prevent the drying out of nails.


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