Summer Lipstick Trends...!!

Lipstick is that one beauty products which can be found in almost every women's handbag .lipstick is very important for woman. It has been proved that eliminating lipstick from makeup bag is not possible. Lipstick acts as a finishing touch to the overall look and it adds colors to the whole attire. Glosses were invented even when the lipsticks were present but the importance of lipstick hasn't faded away, though both the products are used to enhance and beautify the lips.
However, while applying lipstick one cannot neglect what suits her according to the face complexion and skin textures as various colors are made available in number of shades. Lipstick acts magical in finishing the entire look. This summer lipstick trends vary from nude lipstick to peachy shades, hot pink to really vibrant color of different shades. These are the hot favorite colors.
The lighter tone and nude lipstick gives the thinner lips a very plumper look and darker shades, if chosen according to skin complexion, make the thicker lips thinner. There a lot of nude colors available of luscious cosmetics; and also if the natural color is applied on your lips it gives a very younger look as it gives a very fresh look on your face. Orange and fuchsia colors are very much 'IN' these days. However, these colors are worn by daring women and girls who are ready to experience with discovering new look and are usually the trend setters.
But before choosing these orange and fuchsia colors one must keep in mind the color complexion and skin texture of the skin. Plus these colors should be worn on flawless skin and also by keeping the makeup on other part of the face minimum; a little dash of mascara and blush and keeping the entire look simpler.
In summer trend, red and pink are much loved. Red and hot pink looks best with all black or all white attire by keeping the entire look and then the hot lipstick stand out best that way. To give some lustrous effect a tinge of gloss can be applied in the middle of the lips to give shine and sexy pout.  In order to have a clear shape, you can contour the lipstick with lip pencil but keep the color of the pencil exactly the same as the shade of your lipstick, it shouldn’t stand out separate.
In lip colors, luscious brand is the quality producers of make-up products. They have wide range of products available in various shades. Their products are even used in local fashion shows and beauty salons.

  • Keep your lips moisturized by using lip balm or lip cream as a lipstick looks really good on well moisturized lips.
  • Take off the lipstick before going to bed.
Don't share lipstick with random people; you never know someone might have a contagious infection.


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