Get soft and smooth skin with winter moisturizer

Winter moisturizer is no less than a wonder cosmetic making skin soft and stretchy with luscious appeal together with perfect beauty and style on cold days. The foremost beauty concern in winter therefore is to get soft skin with winter moisturizer.
Rough and droughty skin is the outcome of harsh weather conditions. Icy winds, chilly snow falls and hailing in winter suck skin moisturizer leaving skin chapped and dry. All teen girls and women suffer skin dryness during freezing winter days and try to cure lost moisturizer through many winter moisturizing creams and beauty products.
Face, hands and legs are more exposed to winter dryness. Dull face, chapped lips and heels, flaky hands, and itching legs make you clumsy throughout winter that need to be treated. You only need to find some good quality cosmetics and follow some tips to get moist skin in winter.
First skin care in winter gets well with bathing tips. Whenever you have handsome time, put warm water in bath tub with adequate amount of bath oil. Soak your body into it for quite long time. It softens dry skin removing dead flakes and curing dryness. After warm oil bath just pat dry your body and apply moisturizing lotion throughout. You may also get with cleansing tips to soothe your damaged skin. This so followed softens your skin providing baby smooth touch.
Cure skin dryness with soothing winter moisturizers like one prepared by mixing 1 part of glycerin with 2 parts of rose water and few drops of lemon juice. This well homemade winter moisturizer works as none other cosmetic curing chapped hands, broken heels and burning lips. Apply this moisturizer when going to bed so it may work well for 5 to 6 hours daily supplying soft smooth feel to your entire body.
Last but not very least thing is sufficient fluid intake during cold days as dehydration is general complaint these days that also leaves dryness of body. Along taking healthy amount of water go covering your hands with hand gloves and lips with lip balms.
This beauty guide fully followed on winter cures dry skin and helps to get soft skin with winter moisturizer for sure.


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