Mineral makup

When it comes to mineral makeup, it is a perfect method for women to seek a natural and lighter feel to their daily makeup. Bare mineral makeup powders allow you to achieve a perfect natural look.
Mineral makeup as the name suggests is made from mineral elements. Mineral makeup products are made up of microscopic flat crystals that overlap each other on the skin to offer a filtering layer on the skin- a layer that allows the skin to breathe normally and protects it from pollutants too. It helps in hiding fine lines and evening out the skin texture. This makeup offers a long lasting effect and lightweight feel - ideal for those with problems of skin or fine lines.
This makeup stays on longer and doesn’t cause or create a smear easily. It is usually devoid of artificial colours and preservatives. This kind of makeup is ideal for women who have a sensitive and acne based skin. They also offer the benefits of protecting the skin from the sun.
Bare mineral makeup refers to loose mineral cosmetics. Such cosmetics are short of artificial ingredients that cause irritations or blemishes. As a result the skin of women with bare mineral makeup get a chance to breathe and is protected from the harsh sun glare.
  • Mineral Makeup application: Always remember that mineral makeup is different from regular makeup. Use the correct brushes and don’t let the colours fool you.
  • Applying foundation: The foundations of mineral makeup are limited in terms of colours. The reason is that colour blends into the skin and acts like a veil. Use your kabuki brush to take a small amount of foundation.
  • Applying concealers: Use the concealer brush, dip it into concealer and tap it on the desired area. Then use foundation to cover the face and eyes.
  • Applying blush colours: The blush colours of mineral makeup look very dark on women, so remember to go on very sheer. Always lightly brush onto cheek and outside eye areas.


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